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See less Facebook ads

See less Facebook ads

Ads on Facebook serve a purpose. They mean Facebook is free for us to use but boy can they be a pain! It sometimes seems like you are seeing more ads than you are posts. I very rarely see a Facebook ad now and this is how I do it.

Facebook ads are targeted. They look at the pages and groups you are interested in, the things you search for, the interests you have, your age, your location, all sorts. Yes, Facebook tracks what pages you visit and what you’re doing, just like Google does, your phone does and most aps you interact with online do. This is why you’ll find you’ve done a search for a hay net and all of a sudden you’re seeing ads on websites and Facebook about hay nets. Big brother is watching 🤣

The idea behind not seeing Facebook ads is to become someone who doesn’t fit into the target audience for particular ads. If you stick at it, you won’t fit into any target audience which equals no ads! I find every now and then I’ll get a run of ads, I follow the process I’m about to explain to you, then I don’t see any more for months.

If I see ads from businesses I support and pages I follow, I just scroll on past and leave them be. 

You do need to be consistent, and it does take a while the first time you do it but keep doing it, it does work

You need to follow these steps for every ad you see.

When you see and ad, click on the 3 dots to the right and select ‘Hide ad’. Please don’t report it and mark it as spam unless it actually is. Marking an ad as spam affects the reach of the ad for that business. They have paid for that ad to run and they are only trying to make a living. It’s not fair to mark their ad as spam and negatively affect their business when it’s not in fact spam.

After you have done that, you’ll get some more options. Choose ‘Irrelevant’ as the reason. This tells the algorithm that you’re not interested in this subject. This is probably the most important part. The more ads you mark as irrelevant, the smaller the target market you fit into which equals less ads!

The last step is the to choose the ‘Hide all ads from…….’ option. This means you’ll never be shown ads from that business again. If the business is someone you think you might like to hear from again, skip this step.

Next click ‘Done’ and that’s it!

You need to do this for every ad you see. It is time consuming, and it may take a number of days to a week to start seeing less but it does work. I find I get a run on them here and there for a day, I hide them all then nothing for months.

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