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Neeta Patch

What is Neeta Patch? Is a super sticky fabric tape for patching holes in: horse covers, canvas or synthetic, wet weather gear, jackets or leggings, vinyl seat covers- boats, motorbikes., tents….anything!

The Honey Trap Waterproofing Bar for Canvas or Synthetic x2

Waterproofing bars are perfect for your covers, boots or even your gun bag! can be used on canvas, leather, or synthetic material. Perfect for your covers, boots or even your gun bag! Made from natural beeswax & eucalyptus oil to prevent mould. Very easy to apply. Simply rub onto the product you want to waterproof. Glides on easily without clumping or crumbling.

Vivant Equi PVC Coated Fillet String

The Vivant Equi PVC coated fillet string has a clip at each end so is quick and easy to put on and take off any rug fitted with D rings to attach to. Fillet strings are designed for use with covers with belly straps.

Vivant Equi Velcro Cleaning Brush

Velcro closures are on almost all parts of our tack and equipment - boots, polo wraps, saddle pads, our own breeches, covers, everywhere. For the most part, it’s fairly “wash and wear” stuff - until there's more lint and fuzz on the hook portion and it’s lost a bit of stick. Restore velcro fastenings quickly and easily with this Velcro Cleaning Brush. Lightweight and easy to use, the fine metal bristles remove dirt, hair and fluff to clean and revive velcro fastenings on rugs, boots and other items