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Brushes & Combs

Top quality range of natural fibre brushes, combs and wash brushes

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Hairy Pony Mane Sectioning Comb

Easy to use metal sectioning comb. This comb has three distinct sizes to ensure a professional finish for any occasion.

Hairy Pony Quarter Marker Comb

The QTR comb has super fine stainless steel teeth to ensure you are not left with lines in your patterns or broken and bent teeth. The perfect tool to create crisp clean quarter marks in 3 distinct sizes. Small 2.5cm, medium 6.5cm and large 10cm. 

NTR Ultimate Marker Comb

Create precise & professional quarter marks with the NTR Ultimate Marker Comb.

SoloGroom SoloBrush

A groom and a massage in one! Suitable for any animal that needs grooming.

SoloGroom SoloComb

The SoloComb is the original humane grooming tool. It is ergonomically designed and fun to use. It contains top quality, precision-engineered hardened stainless steel blades. This ingenious comb is designed to shorten and thin hair by way of back-combing hair and then thinning or shortening via a clipping action.
$78.00 $69.00

SoloGroom SoloComb Replacement Blades

SoloGroom SoloComb replacement blades
$53.00 $45.00

SoloGroom SoloRake

The SoloRake is a unique, double headed grooming rake. As you comb a pet’s coat, horse’s mane or tail, the rake easily removes hair. They are ideal for shaping, finishing, thinning and creating a hand stripped look. Perfect for removing winter coats fast and painlessly. Rounded tooth combs lift coat evenly for clipping, removing tangles and dead undercoat.
$78.00 $69.00

Vivant Equi Detangler Mane and Tail Brush

Detangle your horse's mane and tail with ease with the Vivant Equi Detangler Mane and Tail Brush. The long plastic bristles and curved paddle design, detangle the mane and tail with minimal hair breakage. The long grippy handle makes it easy to hold and use! For the ultimate mane and tail experience, follow with the Vivant Equi Smoother Mane and Tail Brush.

Vivant Equi Folding Mane Comb & Brush

This folding brush and comb is enough of a brush to brush the mane and forelock while you’re plaiting but it’s not too bulky to hold or to tuck into your plaiting apron. The comb on the other end is perfect for sectioning the mane and smoothing the hairs.

Vivant Equi Grooming Gloves - Pair

The Vivant Equi Grooming Gloves are suitable for grooming or washing / bathing. The perfect deshedding gloves for horses, dogs, cats, goats, cows, rabbits, etc. These grooming gloves are designed to be versatile. Soft & flexible with stimulating nodules on the palms and fingers, contour to the body Outstanding hair shedding glove, distributes natural oils through coat for a glossier shine. Massages and stimulates circulation. They allow you to brush, massage, and clean your horse with ease. Perfect for daily grooming routines!

Vivant Equi Merino Polishing Mitt

100% Merino Wool. This mitt is perfect for using on your horse's face and body to remove dust between classes at shows, dust off boots for the ring, or for everyday grooming. Also ideal for spreading gloss sprays on show day. So soft!

Vivant Equi Oval Plastic Brush

For all horses and ponies of all hair types and is gentle on the coat. This magic brush can be used when shampooing. Effectively removes dirt and dried sweat. Excellent for shedding coats. Easily removes horse hair from saddle pads and rugs. Use it on the dog and cat. Turn it over and use it as a scraper after washing. Leave one on the fence post for pre covering dirt removal in the paddock. So many uses!

Vivant Equi Silicone Grooming Block

A light weight, silicone grooming block. Remove shedding hair gently and quickly. Perfect grooming tool for all animals.

Vivant Equi Smoother Mane and Tail Brush

Achieve the smoothest mane and tail with the Vivant Equi Smoother Mane and Tail Brush. The long plastic bristles detangle the mane and tail while the short bristles smooth the hair. Brilliant for distributing product through the hair. The unique shape means it is easy to hold and use. No more losing bristles from your brush! Use as a one step detangler and smoother or for the ultimate smoothing experience, use after detangling with Vivant Equi Detangler Mane and Tail Brush.

Vivant Equi Velcro Cleaning Brush

Velcro closures are on almost all parts of our tack and equipment - boots, polo wraps, saddle pads, our own breeches, covers, everywhere. For the most part, it’s fairly “wash and wear” stuff - until there's more lint and fuzz on the hook portion and it’s lost a bit of stick. Restore velcro fastenings quickly and easily with this Velcro Cleaning Brush. Lightweight and easy to use, the fine metal bristles remove dirt, hair and fluff to clean and revive velcro fastenings on rugs, boots and other items