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Mind Fuel - reading list

As I am learning about different things, one of the things I have learnt is that it is just as important to feed your mind with the right fuel, the same way you feed your body. If you fuel your body with junk, you feel yuck. The same goes for your mind. Fill it with rubbish and it affects the way you look at life.

I am a person that doesn't make time to sit down and read. I have discovered audio books. Best invention ever! There are so many times during my day when I can listen. I listen while I work rather than watching/listening to rubbish TV. I listen when I drive rather than listening to the radio. I listen when I'm doing jobs that I don't really need to think about like mowing the lawns. By doing this, I have got through a huge amount of books in the short time I have been doing this. So much information and interesting stuff out there!

I found it hard to know where to start so I used I picked a subject I was interested in, looked at the rating of some of the books that looked interesting, chose a few and went from there. What I like about Good Reads is that it will then recommend others that are similar. You can also add books that might interest you to a 'want to read' list. There are all sorts of lists complied by others you can explore as well.

I have compiled a list of my favourties so far and will add to it as I find more.

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