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All SoloGroom tools are purposely designed with the animal and owner in mind to provide one-handed, quiet, painless and humane grooming solutions. To be stylish, light, easy to operate, highly visible and fun to use. And to be hygienic, durable and safe for animal and handler

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SoloGroom SoloBrush

A groom and a massage in one! Suitable for any animal that needs grooming.

SoloGroom SoloComb

The SoloComb is the original humane grooming tool. It is ergonomically designed and fun to use. It contains top quality, precision-engineered hardened stainless steel blades. This ingenious comb is designed to shorten and thin hair by way of back-combing hair and then thinning or shortening via a clipping action.
$78.00 $69.00

SoloGroom SoloComb Replacement Blades

SoloGroom SoloComb replacement blades
$53.00 $45.00

SoloGroom SoloRake

The SoloRake is a unique, double headed grooming rake. As you comb a pet’s coat, horse’s mane or tail, the rake easily removes hair. They are ideal for shaping, finishing, thinning and creating a hand stripped look. Perfect for removing winter coats fast and painlessly. Rounded tooth combs lift coat evenly for clipping, removing tangles and dead undercoat.
$78.00 $69.00