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Healthcare products and accessories for dogs

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Lillidale Lazy Wash (no rinse)

Lillidale’s Lazy Wash is ideal when you are in a hurry. Containing soothing aloe vera along with moisturising provitamin B5 and hydrolysed wheat protein, lazy wash is suitable for frequent use on all breeds as well as puppies. After lazy wash, your dog will look, smell and feel fresh.
$31.50 $25.50

Lillidale Stinky Spray

Lillidale’s stinky spray helps keep those bad smells away! The revitalising papaya and coconut fragrance will keep your dog smelling fresh. Contains soothing lavender and witch hazel, moisturising provitamin B5 and saccharomyces ferment to help eliminate malodours. The natural mild ingredients make it suitable for frequent use on all breeds as well as puppies. Regular use can prevent matting.
$29.90 $23.90

Paetai Cottage Pooch and Pony Soap

This soap will leave your equine or canine clean, soft, shiny and smelling fresh. It won't strip the coat and you won't need conditioner afterwards. You can use the soap to get the right amount of lather exactly where you want it, without spilling any on the ground. Formulated with essential oils with natural insect repelling properties, it will help keep ticks, flies and fleas away.

The Honey Trap Itchy Wash Bar

Soothing Itchy Wash Bar—an innovative solution crafted to provide relief for irritated skin. Enriched with the natural goodness of Manuka honey, coconut oil, and oatmeal, this wash bar is a therapeutic blend designed to soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Elevate your pet care routine with The Honey Trap Itchy Wash Bar—a natural and effective choice for alleviating discomfort and promoting a healthy coat.

Vivant Equi Grooming Gloves - Pair

The Vivant Equi Grooming Gloves are suitable for grooming or washing / bathing. The perfect deshedding gloves for horses, dogs, cats, goats, cows, rabbits, etc. These grooming gloves are designed to be versatile. Soft & flexible with stimulating nodules on the palms and fingers, contour to the body Outstanding hair shedding glove, distributes natural oils through coat for a glossier shine. Massages and stimulates circulation. They allow you to brush, massage, and clean your horse with ease. Perfect for daily grooming routines!

Vivant Equi Wash Glove

The Vivant Equi Wash Glove combines a grooming glove with water sprayer. You can use it to brush away dirt, loose hair, grooming, bathing and massage. It is perfect to wash horses, dogs and other pets. Great for hose shy horses.
$28.95 $21.95