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Nags To Riches

The horse presentation specialists

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NTR HairLock

The HairLock is so quick and easy to put on. It gives that clean classic look in just seconds. Suits all hair lengths. Loose, pony tail, plait or bun.

NTR Plait Booster – Synthetic Hair

Has your horse got a thin mane? Or a rubbed out section? Do you want to boost the volume of your plaits? Adding in the NTR Plait Booster is a great way to achieve fuller plaits. You can choose how much hair to add in, allowing you to easily customise how much hair each plait needs.
$34.95 $28.95

NTR Plaiting Bands

NTR Plaiting Bands 400 pc. The NTR Plaiting Bands are made out of a special elastic material. They prevent split hairs as well as tangling of the mane. They guarantee easy plaiting & braiding without causing any damage to the hair.

NTR Sculpting Stick 75g

NEW FORMULA! The NEW NTR Sculpting Stick has been reformulated to be even more amazing!! Packed full of gorgeous natural waxes, it slicks down those pesky flyaways hairs and makes sculpting the perfect plaits and braids easy.
$24.95 $20.95

NTR Smooth Braids 250ml

NTR Smooth Braids has been specifically designed and tested in consultation with Horse Presentation Specialists. It has superior and durable holding ability as well as being weather resistant to fight against humidity & frizz, helping to make the hair more manageable.
$24.95 $20.95

NTR Ultimate Marker Comb

Create precise & professional quarter marks with the NTR Ultimate Marker Comb.

NTR Whispaway

A magic wand to tame stray hairs that have a mind of their own. When you want plait & braid perfection, Whispaway is the solution. With excellent and durable holding ability that won’t flake, Whispaway is the answer to those pesky flyaway hairs. Particularly handy for tidying plaits and braids that were done the night before.