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NTR Ultimate Marker Comb

Create precise & professional quarter marks with the NTR Ultimate Marker Comb.
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Create precise & professional quarter marks with the NTR Ultimate Marker Comb.

Featuring 4 different sized metal teeth combs there is plenty of choice, the possibilities are endless!

  • 3cm
  • 5cm
  • 7cm
  • 10cm

Ensure your quarter markers stay in place with the HSE Q-Set Quarter Mark Spray or HyShine Magic Touch Quarter Marker Spray and are highlighted with Hairy Pony Shimmer Spray or The Show Horse Show Spray

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NTR Pure White is a silky smooth hybrid cream gel that is packed full of natural ingredients and is WATER & RUB OFF RESISTANT once dry! To get incredible blindingly white markings simply apply a small amount of Pure White with a sponge/cloth/brush to damp or dry hair and leave to dry. For easy results use on very short or clipped hair. If using on longer hair simply apply it, let it dry and then brush lightly for a natural finish.