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The Honey Trap

The Honey Trap delivers handmade natural animal health care products derived from quality ingredients. The Honey Trap is the legacy of the late and great Anne Ticehurst, who was an incredibly clever and kind woman with a passion for horses and helping people.
She started combining those two passions over 8yrs ago in 2016 by developing products to use on her own horses, which rapidly gained demand and became The Honey Trap in 2019.
The Honey Trap products always have been and always will be all natural, made right here in the Far North of New Zealand, and tested to perfection to make sure your precious horses get the very best.
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The Honey Trap Bit Butter

The Honey Trap delicious natural Bit Butter encourages acceptance of the bit as well as providing moisture in the mouth where it is feeling dry and rubbing. Being filled with 100% natural ingredients including The Honey Trap's active wound honey, this bit butter will also heal skin that is already broken.
$45.95 $35.95

The Honey Trap Dark Shine Wash Bar

Introducing the Dark Shine Wash Bar for Horses with Charcoal and Condies Crystals—an innovative grooming solution that transforms the care of your dark-coated equine companion. This premium wash bar combines the colour-enhancing prowess of Condies Crystals with the purifying benefits of charcoal, delivering a detoxifying and illuminating experience that intensifies colour, amplifies shine, and promotes a healthy, radiant coat.

The Honey Trap De Crawlies Wash Bar

Needing something to remove ticks and lice? Try The Honey Traps de crawlies wash bar. Simply apply to wet animal and lather, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse and watch those creepy crawlies fall off. 100% natural and full of essential oils that those critters hate.

The Honey Trap Detangle and Shine Spray

Detangle shine and spray makes your life easier and the combing easier on your horse. It's as simple as shaking the bottle spraying the mane and tail, combing through and watching it shine!
$49.95 $40.95

The Honey Trap Glow White Wash Bar

Eliminate those yellow brassy tones and watch white hair glow! Perfect to use prior to showing for turn out! Wet animal thoroughly, apply evenly and lather well, leave for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.

The Honey Trap Hoof Putty

The Honey Trap renowned Hoof Putty—an innovative and naturally antibacterial hoof care solution designed to create a protective seal, preventing dirt and bacteria from entering cavities. Crafted from a well-blended combination of all-natural beeswax, Copper Sulphate, and essential oils, this acclaimed product is a staple for farriers and horse owners alike.

The Honey Trap Itchy Wash Bar

Soothing Itchy Wash Bar—an innovative solution crafted to provide relief for irritated skin. Enriched with the natural goodness of Manuka honey, coconut oil, and oatmeal, this wash bar is a therapeutic blend designed to soothe and nourish sensitive skin. Elevate your pet care routine with The Honey Trap Itchy Wash Bar—a natural and effective choice for alleviating discomfort and promoting a healthy coat.

The Honey Trap Leather Witch Conditioning Creme

Make your tack look brand new again! This amazing leather conditioner revitalizes old, neglected rock hard and turning white tack! It will become nice & supple, and a rich deep colour again. Nourishing, conditioning, and waterproofing. Suitable for all leatherware, tack, saddlery, clothing, boots etc. Great for leather furniture and also an amazing timber polish. 100% Natural ingredients, including jojoba and argan oils for suppleness, and eucalyptus to keep mould at bay.

The Honey Trap Magnesium Body Butter

Discover the soothing embrace of The Honey Trap Magnesium Body Butter—a luxurious blend enriched with the power of magnesium to promote relaxation and nourishment for your skin. Crafted with premium ingredients, this body butter has become a staple for massage therapists across the country, transforming the wellness experience for clients.

The Honey Trap Mane & Tail Gloss

Add a stunning shine to the mane, tail or coat. This honey scented hair gloss is perfect for the most resistant hair. Plus, it smells delicious!

The Honey Trap Manuka Dressings

Manuka Wound Dressings—a natural and effective solution for wound care. Each pack contains 10 dressings, with each dressing measuring approximately 14cm x 11cm. Crafted with care and commitment to sustainability, these dressings are 100% compostable, offering an eco-friendly choice for your wound care needs.
$39.95 $34.95

The Honey Trap Stick It! - Plaiting Aid

Deal with fly away hairs and regrowth with this light hair wax in a stick. Just run down the sectioned mane prior to plaiting to keep stray hairs tidy and controlled. Easy to use in a convenient wind-up applicator. Recyclable, AND reusable. 100% natural products and smells delicious. You can even use it on yourself!

The Honey Trap Waterproofing Bar for Canvas or Synthetic x2

Waterproofing bars are perfect for your covers, boots or even your gun bag! can be used on canvas, leather, or synthetic material. Perfect for your covers, boots or even your gun bag! Made from natural beeswax & eucalyptus oil to prevent mould. Very easy to apply. Simply rub onto the product you want to waterproof. Glides on easily without clumping or crumbling.