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Vivant Equi Soap Bag

Prolong the life of your soap bar and make it easier to hold and use by using a soap bag. Colour sent will be random.
Brand: Vivant Equi
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Prolong the life of your soap bar and make it easier to hold and use by using a soap bag. Colour sent will be random. 

Fill with your favorite wash bar, wet, scrub, rinse then hang to dry for next time.

Great for hanging a used soggy, wet soap bar to dry and for storage in a tack room or float/truck after the bar is dry.

Made from natural fibre material with draw string

9 cm x 14cm. Large enough to hold most soaps.

Team with the Paetai Cottage Pooch and Pony Soap or the Paetai Cottage Purple Horse Whitening Soap

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