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Vivant Equi Plaiting Clamps

The Vivant Equi Plaiting Clamps are brilliant for finishing your forelock plait easily
Brand: Vivant Equi
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The Vivant Equi Plaiting Clamps are brilliant for finishing your forelock plait easily.

  • Secure the end of your forelock plait.
  • Push the closed clamps through the length of the plait.
  • Open the clamps, grab the bottom of the plait
  • Close the clamps, lock and pull back up through the plait for the perfect finish.

Also brilliant for putting in false tails and making it easy to put in the NTR Plait Booster or Hairy Pony Fake It, holding the hair in place while you plait.

Nice and fine, 13cm long and with their locking teeth, they won’t drop the hair, false tail loop or fake mane

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