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Vivant Equi Believe In Yourself Decal

Can be used on any flat, smooth, clean surface, indoors or out. 71cm x 30cm
Brand: Vivant Equi
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Can be used on any flat, smooth, clean surface, indoors or out. Easy to apply.

71cm x 30cm


  1. Clean the area where the decal will be placed. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER! Wash with 30/70 dish soap and water. Rinse well and dry well with a lint free cloth. Do not use citrus cleaner or any other commercial cleaners as they are designed to remove adhesives and will interfere with the decal's adhesive and your decal will fall off.
  2. Cut into sections if you think you need to and carefully peel the sticker off the backing paper.
  3. Carefully place decal flat in desired location and begin to lightly rub down vinyl evenly from the center, from top to bottom until you reach the end using your fingers. Avoid bubbles and creases by going slowly and applying evenly.
  4. Press down firmly with your fingers then use a credit card or something similar to smooth down your decal, making sure that it is completely stuck to the surface..
  5. If you do end up with bubbles, tiny bubbles will likely disappear by themselves. Pop any large bubbles with a pin and rub. Warming the decal with a hair dryer will help in rubbing out bubbles and creases.
  6. To remove, simply heat with a hair dryer and peel it off.
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